species (plural species)

  1. A group of objects having similar appearance.
    This species of rock is unique to the area
  2. (taxonomy) A rank in a taxonomic classification, below both family and genus.
  3. (taxonomy) A taxon at this rank.
    • Usage note: The scientific name of a species is written in italics with the genus name capitalized: e.g., the scientific name of the cougar is Felis concolor. In some circumstances the second word may also be capitalized, but this is very much the exception.
    Hence, in determining whether a form should be ranked as a species or a variety, the opinion of naturalists having sound judgment and wide experience seems the only guide to follow. -- Darwin, On the Origin of Species
  4. (chemistry) Refers to a specific known or unknown element, molecule, radical or ion. Used commonly when the entity"s status as an element, molecule etc. is unknown.

7 letters in word "species": C E E I P S S.

No anagrams for species found in this word list.

Words found within species:

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